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  is a free interactive haunted display that is located in Algonquin Illinois during the month of October. 

Halloween Town was first created in 2006 by homeowner Jim Haupert. It all started with a tiny graveyard and a few skeleton lights. Kids enjoyed the display while parents would photograph them in the graveyard on Halloween night. Every year the display grew larger adding lights, fog and GHOULS and in 2008 with the addition of JACK SKELLINGTON, HALLOWEEN TOWN was born!  

Since then, a WHOLE LOT has changed! HALLOWEEN TOWN now includes Jack's partner, SALLY and his dog ZERO.  Occasionally the MAYOR himself will stop by during the HALLOWEEN season.  

 In addition, there are PNEUMATIC PROPS within the cemetary gates, an inviting graveyard walk thru brings spectators and victims of every age, up close and personal to their darkest fears! ZOMBIES, GARGOYLES, BATS, and SKELETONS, await you in this haunted cemetery!  BLEEDING FOUNTAINS, CREEPY COFFFINS, and much, much, more can be seen here in HALLOWEEN TOWN. 

Preperations for the following years display start as early as November and props are designed and built with THE CHICAGO HAUNT BUILDERS club year round. The display is only open during the month of OCTOBER and is great fun for all that love HALLOWEEN!

HALLOWEEN TOWN has reduced our display so that we can enjoy other haunts this season.  We plan on coming back to FULL scale in 2017!

Located at:


1821 Hartlety Drive

Algonquin, IL


 2016 Schedule 

Display can be seen starting on October 09 and should be in full effect on October 15 thru October 31 2013.

Visitation Hours:

Sunday thru Thursday - Dusk - 10:00pm
Friday and Saturday - Dusk - 10:30pm

Display is viewable any time but come at night for a
full effect!