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House of Horrors


This is our annual halloween party that has come to be one of the big events of the year.  Not only is our house decorated on the outside but the inside is also completey re-decorated  as well.

The entire gargage is converted into an all hallows eve party room complete with dungeaon walls,  lots of spooky decor, a pinball machine , house of the dead video game, and air hockey table for entertainment.  All art work is removed throughout the entire house and replaced with haunted portraits and halloween theme images.  Cobwebs and spiders are added to many household items.  Light fixtures are revamped and replaced to cast an erie lighting effect throughout the home.  There is also a very large haunted halloween village inside. 
Its hard to find anything that does not scream HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Please understand that this party is an INVITE ONLY and these pages were created just for fun.